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The “How and Why” of Healthcare

What is Functional Health?

It is an approach that considers dynamic root causes of health-related issues and attempts to restore total body balance to remove or avoid symptoms. The approach is not to diagnose and medicate the symptoms away. Functional Health looks to remove barriers to natural healing, restore balance, and improve overall function and sense of wellbeing.

Functional Health seeks to analyze the whole person and investigate the ‘why’ that is often overlooked in conventional medicine. We use tools such as blood testing but are able to consider these results only as a guide, not as an absolute understanding of the issues at hand. More Wellness will treat the person, not the tests results or the symptoms.

How Does Functional Wellness Work?

First, we listen. During the initial visit, our providers will review your health history and take time to hear your story. Then, it is our job to consider the action plan designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Most often, we will order new blood work, adding tests that give insight beyond a surface level.

We will consider and recommend any daily supplements that could help in reaching your goals as well offering IV treatments to help with vitamin/nutrient balancing. Although we can utilize our access to traditional pharmaceutical medications, we will invest in our patients and consider any/all available options before relying on these medications.

Once your treatment plan is designed and initiated, we continue to meet to in order to learn the effectiveness of the plan and consider any changes that may be needed over time. The overall goal is to discover what your body responds to, maximize your daily function, and pinpoint the crucial components required for a long-term feeling of wellbeing and disease avoidance.